A Brand Rising the Power of Nordic Herbs to Dermatology: Bionnex

Established with inspiration from Nordic endemic plants, Bionnex Laboratories, taking the power of science with it, produces natural, effective and long-lasting solutions for hair and skin problems. Bionnex, a brand of Carex Sweden, gives the necessary value to human health and skin through its most natural state with its "Nordic Organic Care" approach in the dermatological field.

R&D and Production with the Values of Science and Natur

Bionnex, which gives importance to include the effect of its nordic nature on the basis of every product it produces, offers supportive care to dermatological treatments with its products produced with hypoallergenic formulas in the light of science.

Bionnex Laboratories directs its R&D studies by including the endemic and rich plant resources of the Nordic Region, develops permanent and effective solutions to skin problems with specialist doctors and pharmacists.

The Bionnex research and development team also cooperates with leading laboratories in Switzerland and France.

High Quality, Clean and Reliable Conten

The products developed and produced by Bionnex Laboratories, do not contain chemicals, they are dermatologically and clinically tested. Bionnex products, consisting of organic and natural ingredients, reflect the reliability and power of Nordic herbs.

Bionnex products, which support the skincare category in the dermo-cosmetic field, are produced in accordance with dermatological safety principles; It is carefully developed for every skin type and skin sensitivity.

Bionnex, which has always benefited from reliable clinical studies from past to present, also verifies the safety and effectiveness of every newly developed product thanks to its collaborations with laboratories fed by important information sources.

Environment and Ecosystem System Respectful Productio

Founded with inspiration from nature, Bionnex cares about nature and the preciousness of all living things in nature. For this reason, Bionnex Laboratories products are not tested on animals.