Nordic Dermo Organic Care

The Power of the Plant, the Expertise of Science!

Bionnex Laboratories established with the power of Sweden's endemic plants, offers natural, effective and permanent solutions for skin problems with the inspiration it gets from the combination of nature and science.

Bionnex products, dermatologically tested and containing hypoallergenic formulas, are recommended by doctors and pharmacists, and are also a good solution partner for anyone who cares about naturality of the skin care.

Bionnex, which adopts being a leading brand in its field with its scientific studies as its main vision, continues to carry out innovative studies in the field of dermatology and to produce new values in this field.
Bionnex, which closely follows clinical studies, cooperates with the world's leading laboratories and doctors; It works to better understand the causes of skin problems and to offer more permanent solutions to these problems.

Believing that the solutions in nature will never be exhausted, Bionnex Laboratories presents science and nature as a solution with the advanced technology equipment it uses, and focuses more and more on research and development with each passing day.