Bionnex’s Sustainability Commitments

Bionnex is a brand that was created by being inspired by the power of nature. That’s why we prefer to use ingredients that nature offers us in all of our products and take it as our main duty to respect it.

What actions Bionnex set to protect the enviroment?

The most important feature of the skin care products that we offer to our consumers is clean ingredients. We avoid using harmful chemical ingredients in our products, so we take importance to both consumer health and environmental pollution. While developing our products, we do all the research to protect our nature and do our best to be a pioneer in the skincare industry.

We support sustainable agriculture by respecting endemic plants and we invest in nature for our future. For this reason, we reduce electricity consumption by using solar panels in our production facilities and we will use 100% solar energy until 2024.

By recycling the waste water we use, we prevent the pollution of our nature and excessive consumption.

We start changing our company whicle to hybrid or electric whicle, our aim is to be change all till 2025.


What is Bionnex's activity to reduce the oceans pollution?

In order to prevent ocean pollution, we renewed the ingredient of our sunscreen products in 2023 and turned them into a completely environmentally friendly series.


Bionnex’s eco-friendly spray system choice without gas;

With the special system we use in our packaging, gas is never used in our products, so we bring our products that do not contain gas but in special spray form to our consumers.


What is Bionnex's aim for clean ingredient?

Our aim is to produce all our skin care products with completely clean ingredients and not to include microplastics. For this reason, our R&D team is working meticulously. All our skincare products will be microplastic-free until 2027.


What is Bionnex's recycling packaging strategy?

Our packaging materials can be recycled and reused several times. Also we change some of our packages to glass for recyle reasons. Our goal is to lighten the plastic used in packaging and replace it with recyclable or recycled plastic. We are working with our packaging suppliers and plastic manufacturers aiming to reach 100% by 2025.


How Bionnex spread their principles?

We share all the principles we have done and adopted in order to protect our nature with our partners in more than 35 countries, our employees in our offices and production facilities, and we support them to adopt them through our training and marketing activities.