Anti Hair Loss Serum – For All Hair Types

Bionnex Organica Anti Hair Loss Serum is effective against hair loss with its dense and 100% natural formula.
* Strengths active hair roots.
* Maintains natural pH balance of skin and scalp so it does not cause allergic reactions.
* Its efficacy and safety have been confirmed by clinical tests.

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How to apply

Apply to wet hair, gently message the scalp and rinse well. To get earlier and better results use Organica Anti-Hair Loss Conditioner and Organica Anti-Hair Loss Serum Concentrate in combination.

Organica (Hair Losses)

Nordic dermo organic care for hair loss & dandruff
Organica is the enriched serie of 3 main components
• Vitis complex CX 25 herbal formula
• Natural vitamins and minerals
• Nordic organic endemic plants
Organica contains organic mixture of plant extracts which helps to deeply clean and balance
the scalp. It restores hair’s vitality. Pelvetia canaliculata extract improves hair
shine & softness. It deeply moisturizes hair follicles